by Exmortem
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  • Frequent updates and fast product support
  • Level 1 to 60
  • Support for all BotBases
  • Performs optimal rotation according to latest guidelines
  • Options to allow full automation of songs
  • Dynamically switches from AOE rotation to single target rotations based on your settings
  • Options to keep DOTs up on multiple targets without having to target them
  • Use of buffs, songs, openers, and interrupting based on types of combat scenarios, not health points
  • Built-in searchable dispel list to customize Warden's Paeon
  • Built-in searchable spell list to customize Blunt Arrow usage
  • Many, many settings, allowing the routine to suite your needs
  • Hotkeys to easily toggle features on/off
  • Customizable overlay available to use, gives you quick access to settings
  • Settings overlay displays when the overlay is ready for use. If it isn't, mousing over the icon tells you why it's not ready
  • Enemy overlay that displays current party DPS, estimated time left in combat, Windbite, and Venomous Bite time left on every attacker. Enemies can also be targeted from the overlay.

Installation & Initial Use

After your purchase, download the zip file and extract the Skald folder into your Routines folder.

After you have loaded Skald for the first time, you need to enter your e-mail and key.

  1. Click on Combat Settings to open Skald's settings user interface
  2. Open the Login menu
  3. Enter your e-mail and your product key
  4. Press Login
  5. When you are logged in, green text saying 'logged in' will appear under the button
  6. Enjoy. The routine is ready for use

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