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  • Frequent updates and fast product support
  • Supports levels 1 through 60
  • Fully automatic Solo and Party Card Logic
  • Easy Simple Mode and Advanced Mode Toggles
  • Simple Mode offers 1-click profiles for an easy and ready to use experience
  • Support for all BotBases
  • Heals and buffs your party
  • Option to stop casting a heal if the target’s health becomes higher a threshold you set
  • Performs damage rotation
  • Cleric stance dancing
  • Supports all PVP skills
    • Customizable Purify lists to break crowd control
  • Many, many settings, allowing the routine to suite your needs
  • Settings can be saved and loaded and can be shared with other users
  • Settings can be saved into ‘Presets 1-5’, allowing you to switch your settings with 1 click or hotkey
  • Dispel list (allows you to enable and disable from the user interface, also allows you to set certain dispels as ‘High Priority’)
    • Dispel lists and can be saved and loaded, so they can be shared with other users
    • Dispels are easily added through a searchable list of all in-game statuses
  • Hotkeys to easily toggle features on/off
  • Overlay available to use, gives you quick access to certain settings and your settings presets
    • Personalize the overlay by setting the opacity, 1 column or 2 column layout, and by choosing to display or not display the preset buttons

Installation & Initial Use

After your "purchase", download the zip file and extract the Orran folder into your Routines folder. You may get a key after the "purchase" process, but as this product is free you'll have no need for it.

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