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You just tell her what item you want and how much of it, and she’ll get it for you! Lisbeth is crafting and gathering made simple. It offers an easy to use UI where you can search for item names and make orders for them. As long as your character knows the required crafting and gathering jobs, Lisbeth will calculate the materials required for each one of your orders and get them for you. This involves crafting components, gathering from normal nodes, and buying from vendors. The only setup required is adding your gearsets like you have them in the game. It also offers plenty of advanced customization options you can tinker with if you wish, ranging from stealth behaviors to order processing modality, all in a user friendly UI. Item orders can be customized and offer many options, like specifying food to use while crafting, making the items as collectables, quick synth, etc.

Lisbeth is capable of flying, and can reach any normal Heavensward node as long as your character can fly in the respective zone. It knows the location of every normal node in the game and the location of many vendor NPCs from which to buy things. You can specify where you wish to sit down and craft, which can be in the open world, in your private house, or in your Free Company house.

The base Lisbeth botbase can get items by buying from vendors, crafting, and gathering normal nodes. Lisbeth can gain the ability to grind mobs for items and gather unspoiled/ephemeral/folklore nodes through addons. It cannot use fishing yet.


  • Craft, gather, and buy from vendors by selecting item names in an easy to use UI. Supports Botanist and Miner normal gathering nodes. 
  • It calculates what you need, and automatically gathers, crafts, or buys materials if you have the appropriate jobs.
  • Order multiple things at the same time. Optimizes and consolidates orders to be as efficient as possible.
  • Knows how to craft every recipe in the game, including 3-star level 60 recipes. Provides a crafting simulator that you can use to see the expected results.
  • Can craft collectable items.
  • Integrated crafting simulator that lets you see expected results.
  • Can fly in Heavensward zones without the need for additional plugins.
  • Uses smart stealth while gathering.
  • Export and import order profiles.
  • Gathers maps when they show up.
  • Uses gathering skills to increase quality or quantity.
  • You can assign food to eat or manuals to use while crafting or gathering.
  • Auto-switching of cross class skills to use the best crafting strategy selectable.
  • Automatically updates itself.
  • Switch between English and Chinese on the UI.


When you make the purchase, you’ll get a product key on your customer email. You can also see all your product keys on your account page here on the site. Use the link to download and extract the folder named Lisbeth. Place the folder in your BotBases folder inside Rebornbuddy. It should end up looking like this:


When you launch Rebornbuddy the next time, it’ll automatically update itself. Select Lisbeth as your botbase and press the Settings button. If this is your first time, you’ll get a convenient wizard that will guide you through the setup process. The setup involves entering your gearsets like you have them in the game, and entering your product key. You can use the same key on up to five Rebornbuddy instances at the same time.

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