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  • Frequent updates and fast product support
  • Level 1 to 60
  • Support for all BotBases
  • Heals and buffs your party
  • Option to stop casting a heal if the target's health is past a threshold youProtosynth
  • Can fully control your pet
  • Performs damage rotation
  • Cleric stance dancing
  • Interrupt Spells using Selene
    • Customizable interrupt list with a searchable list of all in-game spells
  • Many, many settings, allowing the routine to suite your needs
  • Settings can be saved and loaded, so they can be shared with other users
  • Settings can be saved into 'Presets 1-5', allowing you to switch your settings with 1 click or hotkey
  • Dispel list (allows you to enable and disable from the user interface, also allows you to set certain dispels as 'High Priority')
    • Dispel lists and can be saved and loaded, so they can be shared with other users
    • Dispels are easily added through a searchable list of all in-game statuses
  • Hotkeys to easily toggle features on/off
  • Overlay available to use, gives you quick access to certain settings and your settings presets

Installation & Initial Use

After your purchase, download the zip file and extract the Esper folder into your Routines folder.

After you have loaded Esper for the first time, you need to enter your e-mail and key.

  1. Click on Combat Settings to open Esper's settings user interface
  2. Click on Key / Misc
  3. Enter your e-mail and your product key
  4. Close the settings form
  5. Rebornbuddy will print "[Esper] Logged in" when you are successfully connected
  6. The routine is ready for use

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