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Cecil is a highly customizable, leveling capable, and end-game raiding focused Combat Routine. Built for the Dark Knight, this routine makes encounters a little more mindless for you. Its overall goal is for you to be able to focus on the content itself while simultaneously maintaining hate and pumping out as much Damage per Second as possible.

NOTE: Before you purchase this product, or any of my products, please come to my channel on Discord and ask for a free, unrestricted trial. There is absolutely no reason not to get a good feel for this product to see if it's going to be a good fit for you or not.


  • Fully maintained rotation compiled with the help of our communities top Dark Knights, in addition to the most current theory-craft information available.
  • Clean, easy to use, and easy to understand interface.
  • Auto-Update Capability – Download once, update hassle-free for the most current stable version. Overly frequent Beta builds are also available through SVN for bleeding edge feature testing.
  • Hotkey and Click-to-Toggle setting support – choose to use personalized hotkeys, or click to enable and disable rotation settings on the fly.
  • Routine Informational Overlay – Real-time, easy-to-read overlay that displays what settings the CR is employing.
  • Quick-Toggle Interface Overlay – A mini version of the main settings page in the form of an overlay that can be customized to meet your needs by hiding unwanted toggle options, or by changing the number of rows they're contained on.
  • Enemy Info Overlay – Overlay that includes Party DPS, TTD (Time-to-Death), and DoT information per monster in your attackers window. You can also use this window to select monsters that need to be attacked or have their buffs renewed by clicking on their name.
  • Automatic Interrupt System – A customizable interrupt list can be created by the user which allows the routine to auto-interrupt anything on the list.
  • Quick-Toggle Defensive Overlay – A mini version of the Defensive settings page in the form of an overlay.
  • Three Separate and Unique Defensive CD Methods – Using separate lists for each defensive ability, you can choose to automatically use your chosen defensive against every skill loaded into the list. Alternatively, you can pre-set HP values which, once hit, will set off your defensive abilities automatically.
  • Finally, you can manually control your defensive abilities yourself.


When you make your purchase, you will receive a download link via email and gain access to your personal key through your order history. Use the link provided to download Cecil, then place the folder within into your Routines folder. Routines should be inside of your Rebornbuddy Directory. In the end, your final Rebornbuddy directory should look like this: Rebornbuddy/Routines/Kefka

When you launch Rebornbuddy, Cecil will update itself automatically. Before first use, you MUST enter your personal key and email address inside the settings menu located in the Authentication tab.

Cecil is included as a portion of the encompassing combat routine shell called Kefka. Therein, you will find settings pages for each of the included routines Kefka encompasses, to include Cecil. Settings for Cecil can be edited on its respective page. Keys for all encompassed routines, including Cecil, are input into the Authentication tab.


Support is offered through my Discord channel on the Protosynth Discord. I am available most days during normal business hours M-F, and pop in occasionally on the weekends as well.

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