Active Time Battle

Active Time Battle

by Omninewb
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  • Ability to modify routine methods on the fly, don't want to use certain methods? Turn 'em off!
  • Clean, easy to use, and easy to understand interface.
  • Easy to use combat routine switching - For those times where the routine you're currently using just doesn't quite cut it.
  • Hotkey and Click-to-Toggle setting support - choose to use personalized hotkeys, or click to enable and disable rotation settings on the fly.
  • Informational Overlay - Real-time, easy-to-read overlay that displays what options are currently enabled and disabled.
  • Quick-Toggle Interface Overlay - A mini version of the main settings page in the form of an overlay.
  • Quality of Life Options - Enabled to provide some QoL additions such as Auto Talking, Quest Accepting, Cut-scene Skipping, and Sprinting if you like.
  • It's FREE! As in beer!


When you make your purchase, you will receive a download link via email. No keys here! Use the link provided to download ATB, then place the folder within into your BotBases folder. BotBases should be inside of your Rebornbuddy Directory. In the end, your final Rebornbuddy directory should look like this:  Rebornbuddy/BotBases/ATB

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