Sabin Guide


Opener: Enables the use of the Opener as defined in the Opener tab.

DoTs: Enables the use of DoTs on mobs above minimum HP settings in Advanced:> Additional.

Buffs: Enables Buffs to be used. IE: Internal Release, Invigorate, etc.

Mantra: When enabled, routine will use Mantra at your Mantra HP Setting.

DPS Potion: Enables DPS Potions as defined in Advanced:> Additional.

Hold oGCDs: Holds oGCD abilities until Greased Lightning III is active.

Mercy Stroke: Enables the skill Mercy Stroke to be used.

Shoulder Tackle: Enables the skill Shoulder Tackle to be used.

Hold Positionals: When enabled, positional skills will NOT be used until you are in the proper position(Flank, Rear, or Front).

Mercy Stroke: Enables the skill Mercy Stroke to be used.

Manual Interrupt: When enabled, routine will not use any interrupts whatsoever.

Interrupt List: When enabled, routine will only use interrupt abilities when spells listed in Advanced:> Interrupts and Stuns are being cast by the Target.

  • When both Manual Interrupt and Interrupt list are disabled, Auto Interrupt will use interrupts on CD when the Target is casting anything with a cast bar.

Perfect Balance: Enables the skill Perfect Balance to be used.

Arm of the Destroyer: When enabled routine will use AotD when AoE conditions are met.

Tornado Kick: Enables the skill Tornado Kick to be used.

Refresh Times

* In this window, set your prefered Fist Mode, and set refresh times for each defined ability. (in ms)

[[File:Sabin Refresh Times.png]]


AoE: When enabled routine will use AoE skills when AoE conditions are met.

TP Limit: Set TP limit for stopping AoE spamming.

AoE Targets: Set minimum number of Targets that must be surrounding you to use AoE abilities.

[[File:Sabin AoE.png]]


In this window, you can set hotkeys to quickly enable and disable portions of the routine. You do this, by clicking on your desired setting to toggle and pressing a desired series of keys. For example: ctrl + 1.

[[File:Sabin Hotkeys.png]]


Skill Selection Window - In this window, simply click on the spell you wish to add to the Opener Order.

Opener Order Window - This window displays your current opener order.

Spell Search Box - In this box, simply enter the name of the spell or ability you wish to add to your opener, and press enter. It will then search your terms in the spell database, and list the results in the Skill Selection Window.

Click the Add button to ADD selected spell to the Opener Order Window. Click Remove to remove the selected spell in the Opener Order Window. Click Up and Down to move spell up and down the Opener Order, respectively. Click reset to reset opener logic when prompted by the routine. Click Clear to clear the Opener Order Window, and start building your opener from scratch.

[[File:Sabin Opener.png]]