Lisbeth Grind

Lisbeth Grind

by Saga
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This addon gives Lisbeth the ability to grind mobs in order to obtain items used in crafting recipes. From Dragon Skin, Deepeye Tears, and Garlean Fiber, it knows the location of every item used in crafting recipes that can be found in open world zones. Grind orders are fully integrated into Lisbeth, making them no different from any other order type. The only setup required is that you add a gearset for a combat job to Lisbeth. It uses your preferred combat routine, though Ultima is recommended. Note that it does not do dungeons.


  • Seamlessly integrates into Lisbeth, giving it the ability to obtain items by killing mobs.
  • It knows the location of every mob that drops items relevant to crafting any recipe.
  • It saves you the trouble of having to find what monsters drop the ingredients for a recipe, and where those monsters are.
  • Lisbeth will no longer show these items as missing, rather it'll obtain them automatically. You can also make Grind orders directly.
  • Offers settings such as chocobo stance dancing, flee health percent, etc.
  • Works with all common combat routines.


You only need to enter your product key on the Lisbeth settings window.

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