Active Time Battle

Active Time Battle

by Omninewb
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ATB is a feature rich Combat Assistant. Originally based on the popular MUD Assist by Blasthoss, this botbase makes encounters mindless for you. Its overall goal is for you to be able to focus on the content itself while maintaining a high level of Damage per Second.


  • Clean, easy to use, and easy to understand interface.
  • Pause - Ability to pause the routine to make those minor corrections in your placement or rotation when you need the extra control.
  • Smart Pull - When running in a group, never accidentally Leeroy again!
  • Hotkey support - choose to use personalized hotkeys to enable and disable rotation settings on the fly.
  • Quality of Life Options - Provides some QoL additions such as Auto NPC Talking, Quest Accepting, Cutscene Skipping, and Auto-Duty Notification and Commencement.
  • Auto-Targeting - Use several built in methods to automatically select targets for you.
  • It's FREE! As in beer!


When you make your purchase, you will receive a download link via email. No keys here! Use the link provided to download ATB, then place the folder within into your BotBases folder. BotBases should be inside of your Rebornbuddy Directory. In the end, your final Rebornbuddy directory should look like this:  Rebornbuddy/BotBases/ATB


Support is offered through my Discord channel on the Protosynth Discord. I am available most days during normal business hours M-F, and pop in occasionally on the weekends as well.

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