New Product: Arcade

Arcade: MGP Farmer has been released and is now available for purchase on Protosynth!

Arcade is a new product that plays some of the Gold Saucer games and farms MGP for you. Farm your fenrir and turtle mounts!

- Plays Cuff-a-Cur
- Plays Monster Toss
- Plays Crystal Tower Stryker
- Plays Moogle's Paw
- Plays the Jumbo Cactpot
- Plays the Mini Cactpot
- Pick which games you want to play
- Randomizes time spent at mini-games per your settings
- Option to randomize game scores
- Collects statistics based on your MGP gain
- Optional statistics overlay
- Fast Mode
  - Plays the games as fast as possible
    - When disabled, randomizes the time spent on every iteration of a game for a more human-like experience
- Option to stop the bot after you have gained a certain amount of MGP
- Localized for English, Chinese, and German game clients.
As with any product, If you experience any problems, have suggestions, have questions or if you would simply like to thank him for his work on Arcade, please drop by Exmortem's channel and he will be able to help you out!

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